How it works is a private miner that sells its doge coin holdings independently. Every doge coin we sell is valued at  $0.97 USD most vendors accept doge coin at $1 value . We mine about 20 hours a day so all doge coin you buy from us are from our private reserve.


To buy doge coin you will need :

Proof of id : a drivers license or id front and back image that matches the name on your credit or debit card

A Dogecoin BlockChain address:

Your doge coin is sent to your wallet where you can access the transaction information and transfer your doge coin.

Click here to get a BlockChain Address 


Your Doge Coin address will be the tracking number you will be able to track all payment and and receiving activity.


We do not offer refunds once doge coin is sent, you can always exchange your doge coin back to Usd using various services. Your Doge Coin never expire and can be used anywhere that Doge Coin is accepted. Most establishments that accept Bitcoin , or Litecoin usually accept Doge Coin. If you are shopping with Doge Coin try to only use vendors that have a direct checkout for crypto currency like Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Litecoin.


Why do we Verify ID?

we would love to allow you to anonymously buy Doge Coin but due to the fact that we are transferring doge coin to your account we need to be sure that the credit card that is being used to purchase doge coin is indeed your card, we use many different tools to help verify each transaction is legitimate . We do not share your information with anyone without legal consent from you the purchaser or a legal warrant.

By purchasing Doge coin from you agree with our pricing  and distribution to your doge coin wallet. Any complaints will be handled in arbitration private between the parties.

In the event your card was used illegally through our site and you are the victim of fraudulent activity we will work with you as well as your Credit card issuer and law enforcement and will produce any evidence of the transaction we have gathered regarding the transaction between customer and .


Protect your wallet :

When using Cryptocurrencies like Doge Coin there are no Banks or Brokers that will be handling your transactions , Doge coin are like cash so be sure you have either a valid invoice from a merchant or use a cryto currency checkout system , never send Doge coin directly to a vendors personal wallet because you get no proof of transaction. is not responsible for los of dogecoin or investment fluctuations after purchase and receipt of doge coin from us . Keep your BlockChain login information private and never give out your login. Your wallet address is the only thing an individual will need to send or receive Doge Coin from you.


How long does it take to get doge coin to my wallet?

after you have sent a copy of your ID to us and we verify that the card you are paying with is indeed yours we will transfer doge coin immediatley . The BlockChain transfer process takes from 30 min up to 3 hours. You will be able to track the transaction immediatly by the community verifications .



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